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wood / pellets" } [4]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "177" ["name"]=> string(13) "Boilers -wood" } [5]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "271" ["name"]=> string(32) "Chaudières à pellets-granulés" } [6]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "182" ["name"]=> string(20) "Gasification Boilers" } [7]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "240" ["name"]=> string(10) "Wood stove" } [8]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "270" ["name"]=> string(29) "Poêles à pellets/granulés " } [9]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "260" ["name"]=> string(16) "Insert cheminée" } [10]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "272" ["name"]=> string(15) "Kit cheminées " } [11]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "263" ["name"]=> string(21) "Réservoir à pellets" } [12]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "269" ["name"]=> string(17) "Inserts à pellet" } [13]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "262" ["name"]=> string(17) "Chauffage à gaz " } [14]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "261" ["name"]=> string(12) "Aérotherme " } [15]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "249" ["name"]=> string(34) "Traitement de l'eau et adoucisseur" } [16]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "274" ["name"]=> string(22) "Cheminée bio-éthanol" } } ["98--Appliances"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(2) "99" ["name"]=> string(20) "Robot vacuum cleaner" } } ["103--GARDEN"]=> array(4) { [0]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "285" ["name"]=> string(22) "Lunettes de protection" } [1]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "244" ["name"]=> string(20) "Rangement extérieur" } [2]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "252" ["name"]=> string(13) "Outside Games" } [3]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "275" ["name"]=> string(19) "Barbecue de jardin " } } ["154--Bedroom"]=> array(4) { [0]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(2) "62" ["name"]=> string(18) "Children's bedroom" } [1]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "164" ["name"]=> string(9) "Baby room" } [2]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "132" ["name"]=> string(13) "Adult bedroom" } [3]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "257" ["name"]=> string(7) "matelas" } } ["159--Kitchen / Dining room"]=> array(4) { [0]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "100" ["name"]=> string(4) "Hood" } [1]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "144" ["name"]=> string(19) "Kitchen mixer taps " } [2]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "178" ["name"]=> string(17) "Kitchen furniture" } [3]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "253" ["name"]=> string(4) "Sink" } } ["276--Meubles de bureau"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["id_category"]=> string(3) "277" ["name"]=> string(7) "Bureaux" } } }

General Conditions of Sale



All products are subject to a legal guarantee of conformity (L211 - 1 of the Consumer Code) and a guarantee against hidden defects (article 1641 and thereafter of the Civil Code) allowing the buyer to return any product delivered in a faulty condition.
Except in the case of a legal guarantee, any operations effected between Sarl New Deal and the consumer not disputed within 6 months,  cannot give rise to a claim.
Moreover, certain products benefit from a contractual guarantee over and above the legal guarantee. The length of the guarantee is shown on the product’s technical data sheet.
For technical products, this guarantee covers the replacement of parts, a guarantee of parts, labour,  transport of parts,  replacement or reimbursement of the cost of the appliance (when there is no known possibility of repair by the seller or manufacturer or if the repair proves to be too difficult, replacement  with the same or similar model). Please note that this guarantee excludes the replacement of parts through normal use or owing to a misuse of the appliance (professional use or making it available for public use).
It excludes also breakdowns due to a bad connection with the appliance or lack of regard for the instructions for use of the appliance, sudden impact, faulty usage or maintenance or due to external causes such as lightning or water damage.
-Article L211 - 4 Consumer Code
The seller should comply with the contract and respond to faults found to exist at the time of delivery. He should respond also to faults arising though packaging, assembly or installation instructions, when he has contractually agreed to assume responsibility for this or it has been carried out under his responsibility.
-Article L211 - 5 Consumer Code
To comply with the contract, the product must:
1.    Be fit for the purpose normally expected for such an article and, where applicable:
-    Match the description given by the seller and possess the qualities he presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model.
-    Offer the features that a buyer can reasonably expect given the public statements made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labelling.
2.    Either have the qualities defined by mutual agreement of the parties or be suitable for any particular purpose which the buyer made known to the seller and the latter accepted.
-Article L211 – 12 Consumer Code
- Guarantee claims lapse 2 years after delivery of the product.

-Article 1641 Civil Code
- a seller is bound to a guarantee on account of latent defects of the item sold which render it unfit for the use for which it was intended or which so impair that use that the buyer would not have acquired it or would only have bought it for a cheaper price had he known that.

Right of Return or Exchange

All products can be exchanged or refunded except those carrying a statement to the contrary.
Parcels having been forwarded to you by Chronopost or Colissimo will have to be dispatched by you at your expense via the postal service in their original packaging. In the case of large parcels you may take advantage of collection from home by appointment (during the 15 days following receipt of the large parcel). The product to be collected should be intact, complete, in its original packaging and, if applicable, unplugged. Removal costs in this case will be deducted from the total of the refund. In the case of an exchange, collection will take place at the same time as the delivery of the new order.
A request for an exchange by the customer must take place within 15 days of receipt or cancellation of the parcel. If the new order is of a higher amount the customer should add the balance to the request for exchange.  On the other hand, if the total as a result of the exchange is lower than the initial amount, after arrival of the request, the customer will be given a cheque or a credit in the form of a code (usable on the site) as reimbursement of the difference.
Deliveries in Belgium or Luxembourg will take place under the same conditions as those in Metropolitan France. Shipping to Switzerland or other Eurozone countries will be carried out on the basis of an individual study of the circumstances, as for every large dispatch to Corsica.


Prices are shown in PONDS inclusive of tax AND THE ORDER MUST BE PAID IN £ FOR UK CITIZENS.


Delivery Times

A delivery date limit is supplied to you before your order is validated under the heading ‘availability’, just below the box dealing with the quantity sought. The delivery times applicable are those indicated at the time your order was validated. This time begins with effect from the payment of your order.
Note however that every order paid by cheque or postal order will only be dealt with once we have received actual payment. Availability times, as in dispatch, have to be calculated from the date of registration of this means of payment. By ‘delivery’ we mean the whole process taking effect for the receipt of products ordered on the site.
Delivery will take place at the address you indicated when your order was made.
Deliveries will not be carried out on weekends and at holiday times. Delivery times run with effect from the following day after bank card payment, subject to acceptance of the latter and, for payments by bank cheque or postal order, a waiting period of an additional 9 days will be required before dispatch. We undertake to do our utmost to comply with the delivery dates as indicated. Also, in the event that we are told about a delay in delivery, we undertake to let you know about it as soon as possible.  You may then decide either to continue with or to cancel your order, in part or completely.  
In cases of delivery times exceeding 7 days, you have the option of cancelling your order by email using the address customerservice@azurahomedesign.com or by telephone on 011 720 504 07. Your order will be refunded within 15 days at the most following receipt of your email. If delivery takes place before we have considered your request for cancellation, we will provide you with a return slip and will inform you of the return address for the delivered products, explaining that the return costs will be at our expense.

Validation of the order and signature

In all cases, the online entry of the bank card number and the final validation of the order will amount to final validation of the said order, pursuant to the provisions set out in law on 13th March 2000, and will amount to liability to pay the sums incurred in the entry for products shown on the order form. This validation constitutes a signature and express acceptance of the general conditions of sale.